5 BlockChain company ideas

I’m full time working on WorkCoin, but there are a number of BlockChain companies that I would be interested in seeing formed and investing in (at the earliest possible stages) . Here’s a list.

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1. Fully Insured Token Custody

It’s ridiculous to me that Lloyds of London or Berkshire Hathaway does not offer a service where you can store your coins in a 100% insured way. There would be no electronic coin withdrawal; everything would be fully done with full biometrics etc, chips etc.. While the tokens are in custody they are 100% insured against any outcome. I don’t believe this exists.

2. Your Will on the BlockChain

My step father passed away a few years ago and it was a nightmare finding all his accounts, sorting through the estate etc. I am sure this could be handled in a much, much cleaner way on the blockchain. This also could handle passing on crypto assets to your heirs.

3. Your Medical Records on the BlockChain

Why in 2018 are our medical records still not digitized? And why aren’t these stored on your private access records — so that you can’t pull up your life history up till now? This is a trillion dollar opportunity for whoever really cracks it. Everybody up to now has failed, including Apple. The blockchain could be the solution.

4. Voting on the BlockChain

The US election is probably not going to be done on the Blockchain for a while, but why not set the sites lower, say on a regional election in Zug Switzerland? We need to walk before we run.

5. Exchanging Contact Info on the BlockChain

You are at a party, or an event you meet somebody. Could you not store a link to your personal identity with a simple name like WorkCoinFred that maps to a Blockchain saved identity? I feel that this problem is still not solved. We need a good correspondence between Name — Identity, where Name can be changed and Identity is permanently stored on the blockchain. In some way this is equivalent to top level domain. I have tons of experience in this space.

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