How to migrate between the two

Bitcoin Libre uses 12 word mnemonics. Proton wallet uses 51 character private keys. It’s not difficult to go from Libre to Proton.

The test example

For the purpose of this example, we will use the test account test123123. This was generated on Libre using the following 12 words

coral shiver autumn notable place scrub window unable march panther need option

This corresponds to the account test123123 on the proton blockchain. You can verify this here:

Now, how to generate the proton private key for this example?

Step1: Use Ian Coleman’s Utility:

make sure to choose EOSIO for the Coin

Step 2: Note the derived address

How a country like Mexico might someday exceed China as the country with the strongest balance sheet.

Countries, like companies, hold assets on their balance sheet. These are primarily Gold and treasury bills of other countries (FX reserves). No country that I am aware of (yet) holds Bitcoin. This is likely to change as El Salvador makes Bitcoin legal tender in September. In this article I argue that over a 20 year year period, choosing Bitcoin as a core asset could move a country such as Mexico (or Germany, France, Poland etc..) to the top spot.


As recently as 1971…

Why Bitcoin is likely to be the best risk return adjusted asset for the next decade.


Bitcoin is a fundamental innovation on par with the invention of the Internet, or Electricity. It’s the first implementation of digital property: a scarce, verifiable and easily transferable asset that is truly decentralized and cannot be stopped. Bitcoin has been compared to “digital gold”, but it will likely far exceed the market cap of gold, currently standing at 11 Trillion. …

A study of trend following BTC using simple moving averages

An Epic Run

Bitcoin started 2017 at a price of 963. Today, 4 and a half years later, it is at 31,800, a gain of 33x. To put this in perspective, Amazon went from 757 to 3573 during that same period, about a 5x gain. There is simply no doubt that Bitcoin has been the top performing asset class of the last decade.

But with this extreme performance, comes extreme volatility. Amazon stock went down 30% from its peak in 2018, but overall the ride was a smooth ascent. …

A step by step guide

If you are following NFTs, you might be aware that the Proton Blockchain (which I helped start) is rolling out arguably the best NFT platform on Planet Earth.

This thing is moving very quickly, and is being driven by a community telegram group which we would love to have you join. In this group, the great Syed Jafri has built a telegram bot that interacts with NFTs allowing you to upload, tip, and download your NFTs.

Here’s how it works, step by step.

Step 1: Beg for an NFT

The first step, since you obviously don’t have any NFTs is to…

“Show me the incentive, and I will show you the outcome.” — Charlie Munger

One of the most powerful forces in the world is incentives; as Charlie Munger (Warren Buffet’s partner) famously observed. In the world of marketing, incentive programs, otherwise known as “affiliate programs”, rule.

How can we align these incentives in the world of blockchain? I would like to propose to the Proton community, token holders and specifically block producers, a framework to think about this problem.

Note: this is my personal proposal as a token holder of Proton, not an official proposal by Metal

Usage drives value

The first thing…

Right now, the NFT world is really all about curated, programmed “drops” and “packs”. To use an analogy, it’s like HBO — there are hit shows, that everybody lines up to consume.

This is fine. I love great shows like “Silicon Valley” or “Succession”. But this is a few-to-many model. It’s very different from what YouTube did on Dec 15, 2005 — which pioneered a way that EVERYBODY could upload and share videos.

In my opinion, the real breakthrough will be when EVERYBODY can easily create and sell NFTs. Can you do that on Ethereum? No. It’s not easy and…

An open source demonstration of Atomic NFTs + Proton

I’m proud to say that the first open source demo of our NFT platform is now live. Just to set expectations: this doesn’t yet have an NFT creator, and the prices are set in FOOBAR (our free token). The full market is coming in the next few weeks.

So what are the components to this?


First of all there is the ability to login and authenticate with our mobile proton wallet. You do this by grabbing your wallet at and creating your unique username. This is a name like…

The following contract is now live on Proton MainNet

Longstaking is a new concept that we are considering for the Proton Blockchain, which could have significant benefits for longer term token holders. We’ve fleshed out the contract mechanics, and a potential user interface within, and we’re opening it up to the community for comment and suggestions. It would need to be voted in by 15/21 Block Producers to be entered into the chain.

The proposal: reward long term holders with a defined minimum performance vs Bitcoin.

In Delegated Proof of Stake systems such as Proton (but equivalently on Tezos, Cosmos and EOS), selection of block producers and hence security of the chain…

The Proton Blockchain is built on a delegated Proof of Stake model. What this means is that each Proton token holder can vote with their tokens, and in exchange for their vote, they receive inflation rewards (and other rewards) that are sent to the Staking Pool. Essentially the Proton token holders control the protocol, and they benefit if and when the Protocol gains adoption.

Let’s dive in deeper

As this screenshot shows, you can stake your Proton coins directly in the IOS Proton wallet. You can download the wallet here. When you stake your coins, they are essentially “locked” for…

Fred Krueger

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