Amazon Prime is the solution to COVID19

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The US has entered an unprecedented quarantine and we, as a nation are not ready for it. As Bernie Sanders points out, 30% of Americans have less than $300 in their bank accounts, and with millions of restaurant, retail and other service workers now unemployed, we urgently need some kind of bailout.

It needs to happen fast. Anything involving social security, food stamps etc, will not work because of the amount of bureaucratic red tape and obsolete logistics. Anything that involves standing in lines, 1932 style food handouts won’t work either — we need people quarantined, not huddled together on the street.

The answer is Amazon Prime

As of July 2019, 82% of US Households have Amazon Prime. Assume by now we are closer to 90%. Giving each of these households a $1,000 a month disaster relief account is as simple as enabling a switch and subsidizing Amazon.

Tapering down to zero over 10 months

If we start with $1,000 a month and reduce by $100 a month over 10 months, we reduce any long term dependance. The total cost over 2020 is $5,000 per household, or less than 750 Billion USD. This cost is manageable.

If you like this idea, make it known.

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