It’s no secret that the EOS Lynx wallet has multi-chain ambitions. Today we’ll look at the state of the NEO blockchain.

Desktop Wallets: NEON and O2.

On EOS, there are a number of Desktop Wallets including Scatter, GreyMass and SimplEOS. In the NEO world the two leaders are Neon and 03.

Neon is a GitHub release, 03 is on the AppStore.

Sending Neo

In order to send Neo (fast) you need Gas. Both Neo and Gas can be bought on exchanges. You can send without Gas, but it is considerably slower.

Oddly enough, you can only send integer NEO amounts. Hence it is currently impossible to send somebody under $10 of NEO.

Neo is still significantly slower than EOS, although much faster than ETH


The inability to send fractional amounts of NEO has a major drawback for apps. This does not apply to other tokens, however, so the flow is:

buy app tokens → send tokens to app

There are considerably less apps on Neo than on EOS (or Tron)

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Built in ShapeShift

The 03 Wallet has built in conversion from BTC. No KYC.

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Token Sales in Wallets

At one point, Neon was doing token sales in wallets. It’s still there, but there are no active sales.

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DEXes — NASH coming soon

In terms of DEX’s NEO is trailing EOS a bit. Switcheo is up and running at and the Nash decentralized DEX is coming soon. I signed up at

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