Building the YouTube of NFTs

Right now, the NFT world is really all about curated, programmed “drops” and “packs”. To use an analogy, it’s like HBO — there are hit shows, that everybody lines up to consume.

This is fine. I love great shows like “Silicon Valley” or “Succession”. But this is a few-to-many model. It’s very different from what YouTube did on Dec 15, 2005 — which pioneered a way that EVERYBODY could upload and share videos.

In my opinion, the real breakthrough will be when EVERYBODY can easily create and sell NFTs. Can you do that on Ethereum? No. It’s not easy and it’s expensive. YouTube would not have worked with ETH Gas Fees.

These are different products. If you look at YouTube, it’s not accessed in the same way. You don’t look at the home page and scroll around to find things. Instead, things are shared at you on social media, and they are just HOSTED on YouTube.

We think NFTs will be the same way. On Proton Market, it won’t be about “getting on the home page”, just like there really is no “home page” for YouTube. Instead, we just want to make super easy for you to “host your NFT” on Proton.

So that’s what we will offer: 1 GB of free storage to store all your NFTs with Parakeet IPFS backup. No curation (although we might do “recommended NFTs” and “sponsored NFTs” just like YouTube). No home page with a wall of art like Nifty Gateway or OpenSea

Just the absolute best way for you to create, buy, sell or bid on NFTs. The best way for you to share them on Facebook, Twitter or Telegram. The lowest friction and lowest fees of any platform in the world

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