dApps are a really great idea. The execution so far has been horrible.

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It’s easy to say “dApps are not a thing” — and it’s accurate. Look at EOS — they raised 4 Billion, effectively for a crypto app platform, but it’s turned into a ghost town. Ether is not any better. The “worldwide computer” has nothing running on it.

Why is this? REASON #1: the app interface is horrible.

On Ethereum you need to Install Metamask, and you need chrome. You also need a PhD to understand MetaMask’s UX. On EOS, you need to pay for an account. And if you are on web, IMPORT a 51 character key into your wallet. The UX is insurmountable.

REASON #2. The apps themselves are second rate.

We are galaxies away from CandyCrush, FarmVille, or pretty much any of the top 10,000 games on IOS.

REASON #3. Despite BILLIONS invested in Ethereum and EOS, almost none of it has trickled down to app developers.

Block One has announced a diminutive “50,000$ Grant program”. Tron announced similar programs, but pulled funding at the last minute.

REASON #4. Every blockchain up to date has completely ignored the UX layer.

  • user accounts are confusing and cryptic
  • there is no way for users to message each other
  • there is no way for dApps to notify users
  • EOS and ETH both have CRAZY resource models.
  • the main app discovery process is sites like “dappradar”

REASON #5. Apple and to some extent Google are both fighting crypto in-app transactions.

Neither one of these giants wants to give up the 30% app store margins. If they thought crypto wasn’t a huge risk they wouldn’t be stopping Lynx, Coinbase and others from embedding app stores in apps.

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