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  • Planet Finance

    Planet Finance

    The Interplanetary Financial Ecosystem Governed By AQUA

  • Alexander Skidanov

    Alexander Skidanov

  • UX Network

    UX Network

    UX Network is built to support innovation and growth in both traditional and new financial markets through the transformational utility of blockchain technology

  • Jamie Dubauskas

    Jamie Dubauskas


  • Carlos Iván Merino

    Carlos Iván Merino

    Into Politics, Tech, Travel, Languages, and Photography. All views expressed are my own.

  • Peter Schurman

    Peter Schurman

    Do separate countries still serve us, or can we now do better? Founder at OneGlobalDemocracy.com. Previously, founding Executive Director at MoveOn.org.

  • Andre Cronje

    Andre Cronje

  • Jamie Campbell

    Jamie Campbell

    CEO of Fronted

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