How do you distribute 2 Trillion Dollars to displaced Corona families?

Here’s our vision, which we’re sharing with Congress.

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MetalPay + Proton has significant advantages over any competing solution.

First of all — it’s critical that people actually get bank accounts. Every Metal Wallet comes with an actual FDIC insured bank account with routing number and account number. You can pay bills with it. You can connect with other banks through our partner Plaid (Visa).

Right now we are in 38 States, but we can offer this bank+venmo capability within all 50 states in a compliant way within 30 days.

A digital dollar

Second, we can offer a full, secure, fast digital dollar through a private label version of our Proton chain.

This can run 100% on 21 Treasury BP Nodes, that are set up for redundancy and security as opposed to “decentralization”.

This digital dollar would be 100% backed, with funds transferable to your in-wallet bank account at any moment. Based on EOSIO core tech, it’s ultra fast, with transactions in seconds and finality in 3 minutes.

Finally, it will give every US citizen their own @name, and a direct feed to government sources of information, potentially tailored to the geography and demographic details (seniors in NY State for example)

Every account will be KYCd. This is combination of a blockchain solution, a wallet solution and a banking solution. All completely compliant.

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