How to use Proton NFTs in Telegram

A step by step guide

If you are following NFTs, you might be aware that the Proton Blockchain (which I helped start) is rolling out arguably the best NFT platform on Planet Earth.

This thing is moving very quickly, and is being driven by a community telegram group which we would love to have you join. In this group, the great Syed Jafri has built a telegram bot that interacts with NFTs allowing you to upload, tip, and download your NFTs.

Here’s how it works, step by step.

Step 1: Beg for an NFT

The first step, since you obviously don’t have any NFTs is to go to the above mentioned telegram group and beg for an NFT. Somebody will gladly give you one. Laser Bulls and Goats are popular, but you might also get an element from the periodic table or a Freddy Krueger coin NFT.

Now, you’ve been notified in telegram that you have an NFT — but how do you actually claim it?

Step 2: Download the Proton wallet and create a free account

The next step is to go to and download a wallet for IOS or Android. You will be prompted to pick a username, and then you will have an account.

Step 3: Go to @tippedbot on telegram

if you go here, you can get a help menu, and from there easily withdraw your NFT. If you were given a Laser Bull, and your account name is fred the command is

/withdrawnft fred Laser Bull

obviously, change “fred” to whatever proton username you choose.

Step 4: Buy an NFT on ProtonMarket, or make one

The next step is the reverse direction. Go to and either create an NFT (recommended) or buy one (also recommended). It will then show up in “My NFTs”

This is an example of random stuff I have collected over the last 48 hours. Not exactly Leonardo da Vinci, but it works.

Step 5: Upload one of your NFTs to telegram

Now, in the very near future you will be able to do this from within Proton Market, (just click on the goat for instance and click the three … to “transfer tokens”) but the memo field is not working there yet. Until that happens (max 1 week), you should go to , login with your proton wallet and use the transfer NFT function to send to tippedtipped with the memo of your telegram number.

you find the telegram memo number by going to tippedbot and typing /deposit

Again, its as simple as transfering the NFT with a specific memo.

Step 6: Tip people

Step 6 is a return to full circle. Find somebody new. Reply to their post with

/tipnft Laser Bull

replacing “Laser Bull” with the name of your NFT

Hope this helps. Please share this post with people who are confused.

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