I feel commenting on Medium is generally useless, but here goes.

I think your timing is correct. It will not be inside of 10 years. This is a major technological initiative and the government can’t take it’s chances. Many, many studies and working committees need to be created.

  • many will feel that SHA256 encryption is not strong enough. How do you prevent against QC?
  • the block verification needs to be done somehow — even if 100% by the Fed, it still needs to get done; more choices.
  • How do you tie this in with identity? I think they will want to.
  • How does this integrate with the regular fiat network? Big questions.

I feel that issuance by major banks like WellsFargo is much more likely and accomplishes the same thing. Only after maybe 10 years with banks providing Stable Coins will the US want to get involved,

Still a bright future for Stable Coins in general.

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