Introducing Lynx Desktop 2.0

The definitive new standard in desktop wallet UX.

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We’re very happy to announce a completely new version of the Lynx Desktop Wallet. Inspired by the Mac App Store, we wanted to create a “lean back and click” experience where users could discover new apps, easily interact with them without opening and closing multiple windows, and at the same time, easily manage a wide variety of tokens.

Cleaner, more responsive interface.

The first thing you will notice with our Desktop is that everything lives in a resizable, responsive window, similar to Netflix. We felt that this design decision was important to “compartmentalize Lynx” to easily work within a busy workflow.

Enhanced Token Management

The token management features of the Lynx mobile clients (IOS and Android) have now been fully implemented on Desktop as well. Choose to show or hide any token with a simple click. Tokens with non-zero balances are grouped in a category, and if a user sends you a token worth more than $1, it will automatically pop to the front.

Fully Integrated App Explorer

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The real cornerstone of the new Desktop is the integrated App explorer. All the apps that are supported with Lynx mobile now work on desktop with no code changes, and are carefully curated into categories. Click on the the “exchange” category to reveal a list of DEXs. When you are done, the DEX disappears and you are back in the explorer. Whitelisting is now supported as well, to allow automatic signing for frequently used apps.


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As we grow our support from just EOS to WAX and our own future LYNX chain, we have decided to rebrand as just “Lynx”.

Upcoming features

The new desktop app is available for download today. Stay tuned for several other immanent features including favoriting apps, which will percolate to both of our mobile clients, push notifications, and the ability to fund accounts with a credit card directly from the desktop.

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