Leaderboards and Social will take Lynx+Chirp to the next level

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Most Blockchains are boring. Say what you will, it’s hard to get excited about a protocol. But if that protocol is human and comes with 1–1 chat and social posting by tag, all of a sudden it’s a community with digital money. And that’s the exact opposite of boring.

As people follow me know, I am massively bullish on a new project called Chirp, which is less than 2 week old on our Lynx platform (both came out Jan 6, 2020). Right now, it’s almost a joke — a fast twitter clone with one big channel and no following. And, yet we’ve identified a feature which is going to take this thing to the next level: bookmarked tags.

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Conceptually, this means just posting about a specific topic, and keeping a list of all the topics you subscribe to. It’s all linked to Lynx’s easy micro-payments system.

One last piece of the puzzle is integration with Lynx’s identity layer. Instead of just #addresses or even 12 character user names, Lynx was developed around the idea of human readable on-chain names. Think twitter, but on the blockchain.

So now you have the ability to message people, check people’s profiles to see what #tags they are posting to and check how well you are doing via leaderboards.

This stuff is getting built in record speed. Bad Crypto Joel and Travis both just signed up and “got chirped”. It was painless.

Social and Games

Leaderboards and social Identity are also going to form the key backbone of Lynx as a gaming platform. Once we have “humanized” Lynx with these leaderboards, and highly granular tag based content on Chirp, these same identities can be used for p-p game invites, competitive battle royales etc..

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