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We’re happy to announce that LynxChain is now live on IOS, Android and Desktop. To get there, go to

Key Features Live Today

It’s taken us most of 2019 to get to where we are today. Let’s recap on exactly where we are.

  • Users can create 3 Free accounts with a phone number.
  • Every user has a short account name (as short as 4 characters: example “fred”), and a display name (example “fred krueger”). The account name cannot be changed, the display name can be changed at any time
  • Users can upload an avatar which is saved on-chain (and can be changed)
  • Users have a unique referral link that they can use to invite friends and family. For every person you invite, you get 1 LNX token (maximum total supply 21 Million)
  • We have moved two games: “Alien Invasion” and “BombSweeper” to the “Explore” section of Desktop and Android wallets. You can play these games to win more LNX coins.
  • There is no RAM, CPU, NET, or Staking.
  • The Desktop App has been significantly improved with automatic updating, streamlined UX etc..

What’s Next

Content, Content, Content.

We’re building new apps and we are working with a number of launch partners to move apps to Lynx MainNet.

We’ve added a guide at to help guide developers to moving or building on LynxChain. It’s a straightforward API. No permission is needed to deploy on MainNet.

We’re close to deploying a way to swap EOS tokens for LNX coins on NewDex. We’ll keep you updated on that progress. We are also close to a Swap facility from EOS LYNX tokens to LNX. Again, happening in January.

The Chain

We have 16 Block Producers actively producing on MainNet including GreyMass, EOS Cafe, EOS USA, EOS Sw/eden and CryptoLions. We have a steering committee to figure out BP accountability metrics, app transaction fees, app suitability guidelines, BP core values, WPS and other aspects of the chain. For now, it’s free for everybody, and we’re focusing almost entirely on user and dev experience.

We’re Excited!

The framework we have built is what we really wanted EOS to be 18 months ago. We believe free accounts, short user names and a simplified resource model is a requirement for mass adoption. We have a LOT of ideas for games, we’re hopefully launching “Chirp” (a “Voice” competitor with no KYC) in the next few days, we have over 20 EOS dApps in the pipeline.

Today is Day One. Let’s see what we can collectively build!

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