LynxChain WPS — Calling Devs

LynxChain is one month away from opening up its doors to users. MainNet is producing blocks, with free accounts, short user names, avatars, and no resources.

We are actively looking to fund development of a number of key projects in the gaming space. We will offer bounties of 10,000–60,000 LNX (21million tokens max supply current value $3,000 — $20,000) for porting your project over or building a project for us.

If you have ideas, or feedback: hit us up on telegram at

The Prototype: BombSweeper.

We build the BombSweeper app as a proof of concept desktop app in about 1 week. The app generates a small amount of LNX tokens when the level is cleared. The only interface to the blockchain is a simple contract which we will open source.

Solitaire. Bounty: 20,000 LNX

We have specked out a very simple design for solitaire which just needs to be coded up and hooked to a lynx faucet as in BombSweeper. We can provide all the assets, we just need the code delivered as a working desktop project. Extra credit for responsive mobile version.

Daily Poll. Bounty: 20,000 LNX

We like the idea of a daily poll which pulls from a Firebase DB and rewards users for signing up.

Turkey Shoot. Bounty 20,000 LNX

We would like to commission an old school arcade “shooting range” game where you shoot turkeys and earn LNX coins. Once done we can re-skin for submarines, other hunting games etc…

BattleShip Game. Bounty 30,000 LNX

We would like to start comissioning peer-peer games like BattleShip where LynxChain users can challenge other users. We can provide some of the graphics.

dGoods Car Racing Games. Bounty 50,000 LNX

We have started to spec out a car racing game based of dGoods. Would like to get a dev to work on this. Full dGoods implementation will be in Q1 2020.

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