Native Apps with Blockchain are the future. Here’s our plan.

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We’re starting LynxChain with a few web apps (Alien Invasion, BombSweeper, Solitaire, Poker), but our medium term goal is to allow native apps to create LynxChain accounts and interact with the Blockchain.

The reason this is interesting is that dGoods (digital items saved on chain) gives you the ability to send, save and trade virtual items outside of the app itself.

As an example, your game app can allow you to win skins or weapons. Instead of being confined to to the app, these can exist on chain — which means you can sell them or trade them on dGoods markets.

It doesn’t stop you from using in-app purchase to buy these stickers, skins or other virtual good. In fact, you should absolutely do this. But it does mean that the good has an “external life” outside of the app.

So how are we going to do this? Well — we are going to provide API keys for devs to create @lynxname accounts from within your app, just by doing simple telephone number verification. There will be a small charge to cover the twillio cost and prevent spam, but it will be pennies (not dollars needed to create an EOS account).

Once you have an account, your app is in effect a mini wallet. You manage keys (custodial or non-custodial), you handle sending of tokens. But the key is you are fully ON CHAIN

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