Point #1: “Don’t use smart contracts because they are tricky and can have vulnerabilities”

Well, all software has vulnerabilities. That doesn’t mean software should be eliminated. It just means your accountant should not write software, he should use Quickbooks, written by professionals who understand software.

Point #2, “Blockchain systems are really trustless, you still need to trust that they were implemented correctly.”

Of course! If you use Ethereum or EOS, you are building on a system which you are trusting to not have serious flaws. Just like if you are using Google Docs, you are trusting that Google is not going to start modifying your data. The problem is Google, Facebook, The Russian Verion of Facebook etc.. can’t exactly be trusted with your data. You need a system which is more tamper proof. Enter blockchain.

Point 3, “Blockchain apps aren’t that useful right now”.

Well was ecommerce super functional in 1995? I remember iMall, and it was a disaster. Nobody had any idea this would evolve to modern day amazon. Give Blockchain a decade or so, and come back to me…

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