Prepare for the Invasion of the dApps

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  1. We are talking to literally 12 companies with > 100 total games in all that are looking to move / create / build on EOS
  2. Consolidation / standardization of dapp interface is coming. See transit by EOS New York. Lynx will soon support every single app on all platforms.
  3. QR codes are coming. Like, next week in Lynx. It’s kind of a game changer.
  4. allows you to build listeners to check when payment has been received. Thanks EOS Canada.
  5. virtual goods / digital goods / NFTs are coming. And in a new way INTEGRATED into the wallet. Deeply.
  6. Desktop functionality and mobile wallet functionality are about to get even better. What was good 1 month ago is now table stakes. We’re headed to a full appStore experience.
  7. Wallets and EOS / Tron are about to get a whole lot more addictive.

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