- you put a code snippet on your website
- you can get paid in either cash or stable-coins

Now imagine that, but without any credit cards ever being transmitted.

On the surface, it almost seems impossible. But it’s actually completely clear. It’s like stripe but without passing the credit card. The power of the @name, pending payments, and the proton blockchain that keeps the state of it — in a way that preserves privacy.

You will be able to use this DAY 1 on any site that accepts payments. Any e-commerce site. Any game. Any app. NOT just crypto payments, but all payments

The first demo will be a site called “Taskly”. First, the crypto version. Then, the fiat version. Anybody with a metal wallet or proton wallet will be able to test and verify the tech.

The flow starts by connecting your wallet

This can support any number of wallets

You then start a session with that wallet that allows requests to be pushed into wallet

now when you click “BUY”, the request can be pushed DIRECTLY into your wallet. In the case of FIAT request, this can trigger a PAYMENT PENDING notification on the Proton Blockchain. No Credit Card Numbers leave the wallet.


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