Proton Development Update

We’ve made some massive breakthroughs over the last few weeks, and we want to share how things are looking now, and what to expect.

Authentication and Signing Requests

The first thing is we have now ESR (EOSIO signing request) working beautifully on IOS. This means that you can now connect to an external application (the first patient being and proceed as follows

This works beautifully on both desktop and mobile. There is an intermediate solution for Android, but soon both IOS and Android will function in the same way.

Wrapping ETH Tokens (and other chains)

We have also successfully creates a gateway between Ethereum tokens (and other chains) and Proton. This means that you can, for example, now take ETH wrapped Proton and convert it into MainNet XPR and vice versa. In fact you can do this entirely from the Phone, by connecting to MetaMask

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This is a significant achievement. It now means that I can move between ETH coins, EOS coins and their wrapped versions on Proton easily.

App Development SDK

Now that we have app to wallet communication nailed, and now that we have wrapped stable coins nailed, we are in a position to allow devs to build apps on top of Proton. Specifically, we are looking to enable apps:

We’ll have a live example (“Taskly”) working shortly that devs can clone and test.

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Proton Swap

We’ve also started working on a Proton version of UniSwap. This will enable users to create liquidity pools for all Proton tokens, including all the wrapped coins. This is the start of Proton DEFI.

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