Proton XPR SnapShot Monday 3/30

As mentioned before, Lynx and Metal are merging, and we are launching a new fork of LynxChain called Proton with a snapshot of Monday 3/30 at 9am EST.

5 installments of XPR at 2 month intervals

If your account was included in the snapshot, then when Proton main-net launches, An airdrop will occur and an account with the same name and using the same key pair will be created on Proton main-net. You will also receive 1 XPR for every 1 LNX token that your account held in the snapshot. Every 2 months will receive another Airdrop of 1 XPR for every 1 LNX. This will occur 5 times.

Ethereum Wrapped XPR

Starting Monday, a LNX app will allow you to claim your first installment of XPR as Ethereum wrapped coins instead of Proton main-net tokens. These Ethereum wrapped coins will be listed first on exchanges. This option will exist up until a few days before Proton main-net becomes widely accessible. If you choose to use the claim app you will then receive your last 4 installments after Proton main-net launches.

If you don’t have an ERC20 wallet, here’s a link to recommended ones:

LynxChain turned back to the community

The Lynx team will be focusing on the Proton Chain going forward. We will still support LynxChain for some period of time after launch of Proton. With Proton being a fork of LynxChain there may be some interest by the community to keep it going. That being said, if bp’s want to step up and keep the chain going we would have no issue with that and would gladly hand over LynxChain to the community. If after some time no one has stepped up to take over LynxChain, it will be retired.

If you still hold LYNX tokens

If you still have the old LYNX token (on EOS MainNet), please reach out to us on telegram this week, and we may be able to manually airdrop the new LNX coin to you. You will need that LNX coin on chain to receive the Proton XPR airdrop.