Staking in Proton

The Proton Blockchain is built on a delegated Proof of Stake model. What this means is that each Proton token holder can vote with their tokens, and in exchange for their vote, they receive inflation rewards (and other rewards) that are sent to the Staking Pool. Essentially the Proton token holders control the protocol, and they benefit if and when the Protocol gains adoption.

Let’s dive in deeper

As this screenshot shows, you can stake your Proton coins directly in the IOS Proton wallet. You can download the wallet here. When you stake your coins, they are essentially “locked” for 2 weeks. You can unstake them at any time, but from the day you unstake, you will need to wait the 14 days.

Together all staked tokens earn 2% of the annual inflation. This is paid out daily. So each day, 2% * 1/365 of the total supply of Proton is paid to the staking pool. If you have 1% of that staking pool, you receive 1% of the total rewards.