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Imagine a place with all the old arcade games — PacMan, Space Invaders, BattleZone, Missile Command, Joust. You also have all the great card games: Gin Rummy, Poker even Bridge. You have Chess.

You play for free, or you challenge other players for tokens. You set up private games.

High scores and leaderboards get tokens. You win NFTs that you can sell and trade inside the app — on IOS, Android or Desktop.

It’s social. You can chat, join groups, write posts. You can look for work, or hire somebody for an online gig. You can pay for access to private rooms and content.

There’s massive multiplayer trivia games and contests all the time. Video content that you can follow passively, but with audience participation.

That’s the intersection of the internet as we know it, and the token world of crypto and NFTs.

That’s what we are building at Lynx.

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