Unified Messaging Apps will Rule The World

The first web page went live Aug 1, 1991. It looked like this

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Twenty Five years later, 38 Million people are engaged in the process of building graphical websites like this

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Designing web sites is a 20 Billion dollar business in the US alone. Google’s main business is indexing these websites and serving them up as search results. It’s market cap is 526 Billion dollars, second only to Apple of all corporations on earth.

And yet, all this is changing FAST.

The Web as we know it, is moving to Unified Content Messaging Systems (UCMS), and away from the Open Web as it was originally conceived by Tim Berners Lee. What do I mean by UCMS? I mean an integrated system that hosts content in small nuggets, allows people to subscribe to that content, and allows people to message each other and share notes / comment on that content.

Examples of UCMS:

  • Facebook
  • Slack
  • Medium
  • Linkedin (to an extent)
  • Quora
  • Troop
  • Asana

And there are more. This is not a winner take all market. All networks are not meant for all people. Quora is great for questions, Slack for corporate chat (+ integrations), and Facebook for general consumers. But all of these are significantly better than a (dead) website.

Our vision of this, Troop, is oriented around the concept of cards. It’s ideal for businesses and individuals who value organization.

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Troop UX

But the key point is all of these UCMS’s offer

  • standard UI’s
  • real time notifications
  • permission levels at the group level

Three things that the old web DO NOT offer.

My view is that 10 years from now very little will be left of the “old web”. This can have huge implications:

  • if you are a designer, website design might not be a great long term occupation
  • if you are a standalone app, you may face encroachment from these new platforms as they enter your vertical
  • if you are Google, you need to think of life after search. Last I checked, Google can’t search Facebook posts (for example).
  • if you are a domain investor, you might want to re-consider the long term market opportunity in domains.

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