Voice — What we know now.

For those interested in EOSIO I put together a set of screenshots of Voice. This is all second hand. Despite being invited to the B1 event in Washington DC, I was not given a Voice invite.

I will update this with information as it becomes available.

1. It’s not an app (yet), but seems designed for mobile web

From all appearances a post consists of 160+ characters and an image. No videos. So essentially a straight Twitter model, but with short posts, comments and likes. The ultra-minimalistic UX is unimaginative. App has been submitted to app stores.

2. There is a notion of profiles. Instead of following somebody you “listen” to them

3. The voice token seems to have 2 digits of precision and is given in large quantites

It seems that you need to go back and “collect rewards”. Not clear if these are held custodially or not, or if there is any way to monetize via DEX / Exchange etc..

Note that there is no USD equivalent value of the Voice token.

4. There is a general notion of “notifications”. But this is not an app, so unclear if you will ever get them.

A post can either get a comment, a like or it can be “voiced” up.

5. Despite 1 year of coding, it still seems VERY buggy

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