Why Proton is the future of dApps

“It’s the fiat rails, stupid.”

My team and others have been focused on the EOS dApp Ecosystem for the better part of the last two years. We built the leading EOS Wallet in the US: Lynx. We invented the concept of apps inside a mobile “app store”. We pioneered the EOS gaming space with millions of dollars in transactions for EOSBet and others. And we built our own, much improved version of EOS: LynxChain.

We made accounts free. We eliminated friction. We even introduced highly popular free to play games where we just handed out crypto.

But we, and everybody else were missing one thing.

Fiat Rails

Crypto apps are really not very useful unless you can buy the crypto. And buying crypto is a highly regulated activity that you can’t just do by setting up a PayPal or Stripe button. And you can’t do with in-app purchase either.

If you really want to deal with crypto properly, you need to start with cash. You need to start with the app that everybody is using in the US: Venmo. And you need to make it crypto savvy.

There’s exactly one such app. It’s MetalPay. And we’re combining forces with them to build a new kind of blockchain experience. One that embraces fiat, that allows you to deposit and hold fiat, and one that allows you to seemlessly trade any crypto for any other crypto.

Seamless Crypto Buying — in Wallet

Once you can move cash into your wallet, and use it to buy or sell any Crypto, the user experience couldn’t be simpler.

Now the key is not only will you be able to do this for “speculative” crypto, you will also be able to do that with “app” crypto. Crypto that interacts directly with apps: Proton.

One Wallet.

As much as I love Lynx, the idea of a “EOS” only wallet or even an “EOSIO” only wallet does not make sense. Users want one wallet where they can store

  • their fiat
  • all their crypto
  • and, interact with apps

The new MetalPay wallet, running Proton and soon to be integrated into ProtonChain will be that wallet. We think of it as “the last wallet you will ever need”. But as Marshall just said to me, it might also be “the last bank account you will ever need”.

Not Just Games

Obviously, if you have been following Lynx you know we are really big on games. We love:

  • free to play games that dispense crypto
  • skill based games and tournaments
  • NFTs and NFT marketplaces

But the integration with a real exchange and a real fin-tech partner like MetalPay means all other kinds of apps are possible:

  • financial savings apps
  • split the bill, and tipping apps
  • DEFI apps, option trading etc..

Conclusion: WE SHIP

One thing you will learn about both our teams is that we SHIP SOFTWARE. We’re developers, product people, designers. We are going to build this and we are going to deliver it quickly.

The future is awesome.

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